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tears tears forever

Omg. I am actually crying.

Will always reblog every time I see this

I didn’t even see that coming.

Im Crying! </3 Aww

Jesus, that actually made me cry…

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Excellent. xD

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When I got a bad grade:


In elementary school: 

In high school: 

In law school: 

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DBZ 30 day Challenge: Favorite Character

SS2 Gohan!

SS2 Gohan!

Following this set:

Day 1: Favorite Character
Day 2: Favorite Villain
Day 3: Favorite Saga
Day 4: Favorite couple
Day 5: Least Favorite Character
Day 6: Favorite Episode
Day 7: Favorite fight
Day 8: Most emotional moment
Day 9: Most epic death
Day 10: Favorite alien race
Day 11: Favorite animal
Day 12: Favorite super saiyan form
Day 13: Dragonball, Dragonball Z, or Dragonball GT?
Day 14: Favorite saiyan
Day 15: Favorite member of the Ginyu force
Day 16: Favorite Freiza form
Day 17: Favorite Piccolo and Gohan scene
Day 18: Hardest hit
Day 19: Favorite attack
Day 20: Best Vegeta Moment
Day 21: Favorite quote
Day 22: Stupidest, most WTF, moment
Day 23: Favorite “owned” moment
Day 24: Most gruesome death
Day 25: Funniest moment/episode
Day 26: Best Goku moment
Day 27: Coolest invention
Day 28: Favorite form of Cell
Day 29: Favorite form of Buu
Day 30: Why do you love Dragonball?


That is all.

Day 29: Favourite school uniform

Azumanga Daioh! ^_^

Day 27: Favourite anime opening theme song

Hmm. Awhile back when I posted my favorite anime, I used “We Are” from One Piece, and that is still my favorite opening theme. So I’ll use this, my second favorite theme. ^_^

Day 26: Your favorite harem anime

I think this should’ve been easy to see coming…

Love Hina! :D

Day 25: Best anime villain

Legato Bluesummers… Most fucked up in the head character from Trigun. Even worse than Knives.